I am Jes A. Condrey, author of the Fantasy novel, Dragonbond. Dragonbond is the first in its series, The Dragonbond Chronicles. I am also the creator of the webtoon called The Dragonbond Chronicles. The webtoon is heavily derived from the book, but there are instances where it will expand on subjects that I did not manage to explore in the book. It may seem backwards, but the webtoon actually allows me some added room for perspectives beyond what I could show in the book without making it extremely long or simply jump around too much.

I also do digital painting illustrations, commissions, and website design. I’m not currently accepting any new work, but feel free to reach out and I might make an exception if I really like the project!

Aside from that, I’m a friendly gal who enjoys gaming, cats, reptiles, reading, and anything that has dragons in it. Speaking of which, more things need dragons in them. So I’m happy to contribute.

My Projects


Dragonbond: Book One of The Dragonbond Chronicles

Koragi is a promising young seamstress who longs to open her own tailoring shop in her home village of Cordak. But strange cultists attack Koragi during the annual harvest festival in the capital, where Tebanis, the handsome militia captain from her village, mysteriously takes the form of a black dog to track and rescue her. They return to Cordak to find their village devastated, a golden dragon lying dead in the smoldering ruins.

Tebanis reveals that Koragi is a god-child, and she must cast aside her simple life in order to awaken the full capacity of her birthright. As she grieves the deaths of her worldly mother and countless other villagers, Koragi is compelled to embark on a quest to find her Pearls of Power and battle agents of the wicked goddess Ariana, whilst the fabled dragons seek to kill her to bring an end to the age-old Gods War.

Facing treachery and the agony of loss, can Koragi overcome her own fears and the fury of dragons in order to defeat a darkness foretold millennia ago?

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Dragonsoul: Book Two of The Dragonbond Chronicles

The war between humans and elves turns drastically in favor of the elves. Signs of strange magic are all the humans have to explain tragic incidents which leave countless dead, but all signs point to elven influence.

Kyr Rondera, Guardian of Camriiole, must find a way to stop the massacres, while Koragi acts as liaison between the human and elven kings in a desperate attempt to stop the war before life on Camriiole is swallowed by hatred.

But is there a darker threat behind the attacks? Can the humans and the elves, bitter enemies for thousands of years, work together against a new enemy?

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Toport and Koragi
The Dragonbond Chronicles: The Webtoon

The Dragonbond Chronicles is a webcomic version of the written series. It will be released soon, so stay tuned for more information!

Coming 2020!

Short Stories

You can view my collection of short stories here. These short stories expand on bits of lore regarding the world of Camriiole and are 100% canon! I’m even using one of them as my prologue for the webtoon retelling.


These are some examples of digital paintings I have delivered to happy customers!

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