I am Jes A. Condrey, author of the Fantasy novel, Dragonbond. Dragonbond is something of a preview to my series, The Dragonbond Chronicles. I am also the creator of a webtoon called Patch, which is also set in the world of The Dragonbond Chronicles. The webtoon is inspired and based on the Grimm Fairy Tale, Allerleirauh, or All-Kinds-Of-Fur. It is my wish to create an expansive world that will one day be familiar to all kinds of people.

I also do digital painting illustrations, commissions, and website/software development. I am open to accepting commissions and development contracts. See below for details!

Aside from that, I’m a friendly gal who enjoys gaming, cats, reptiles, reading, and anything that has dragons in it. Speaking of which, more things need dragons in them. So I’m happy to contribute.

My Projects


Dragonbond: Book One of The Dragonbond Chronicles

Koragi is a promising young seamstress who longs to open her own tailoring shop in her home village of Cordak. But strange cultists attack Koragi during the annual harvest festival in the capital, where Tebanis, the handsome militia captain from her village, mysteriously takes the form of a black dog to track and rescue her. They return to Cordak to find their village devastated, a golden dragon lying dead in the smoldering ruins.

Tebanis reveals that Koragi is a god-child, and she must cast aside her simple life in order to awaken the full capacity of her birthright. As she grieves the deaths of her worldly mother and countless other villagers, Koragi is compelled to embark on a quest to find her Pearls of Power and battle agents of the wicked goddess Ariana, whilst the fabled dragons seek to kill her to bring an end to the age-old Gods War.

Facing treachery and the agony of loss, can Koragi overcome her own fears and the fury of dragons in order to defeat a darkness foretold millennia ago?

The Dragonbond Chronicles

The Godchild, a trilogy that starts The Dragonbond Chronicles, follows the story of Koragi Domerie and her friends as she navigates the world of Camriiole following the discovery of the truth about her divine lineage. Lost and unsure how to live up to the daunting legacy of the gods themselves, Koragi finds help from a mysterious shapeshifter sent by her father, a valiant knight with a curious past, and even the only other child of the gods to have survived a similar journey.

Hiding from both the evil goddess Ariana and the once-forgotten dragons who seem to do her bidding, Koragi must find three elusive magical pearls which the gods have hidden throughout Camriiole as a test of her capabilities and resourcefulness. With war on the horizon, Koragi’s frustration with the gods who are her parents grows with each passing day. Why do the gods place these tests on their children? Why are they so arduous that only one other child has ever succeeded?

And what hope does she have to succeed when her parents offer only silence in return to her prayers?


Patch: The Webtoon

When her father’s broken heart turns him to madness, Princess Sarel flees her palace home. On a desperate journey into a world she does not know, Sarel struggles to grasp her purpose and identity. After becoming lost in a neighboring kingdom, a charismatic hunter finds the disheveled princess and tries to help her. Afraid of being sent back to her father, she refuses to give him her name. So he calls her Patch, after the patchwork cloak she wears. Inspired by the Grimm Fairy Tale, Cat-skin!

I am currently working on rebooting this, since I have improved significantly and have a better idea for how I want to open and pace it. I had surgery in June of this year and I am just getting settled before I can work on it again.

Toport and Koragi

The Dragonbond Chronicles: The Webtoon

The Dragonbond Chronicles is a webtoon version of the written series. This is just in the planning stages, but I wanted to put it here because it’s inspiring to me to have goals!

I will be completing Patch before I begin this Webtoon!

Short Stories

You can view my collection of short stories here. These short stories expand on bits of lore regarding the world of Camriiole and are 100% canon!


I have been doing web development as a freelancer for 6 years and software development for approximately 4 years. I am fully knowledgeable in HTML and CSS, with a side of Javascript, skills for which I actively develop alongside my college degree. I am also proficient with WordPress and PHPbb. The website you’re viewing right now was made with WordPress. I also currently maintain the Amiaworld website for a community of Neverwinter Nights gamers.

In software development, I have experience with C, C#, Java, and SQL languages, with experience using tools like GitHub (for versioning) and Jenkins (for deployment). I am currently attending Western Governor’s University for a Bachelor’s in Software Engineering.

My rate for freelance development contracts is $30/hr USD. (Information and link to UpWork coming soon.)


These are some examples of digital paintings many of which were delivered to happy customers!

My commission prices are as follows:

  • Line Art, Full Body: $20 USD
  • Full-Body Character, Flat Colors: $25 USD
  • Character Portrait (Head & Shoulders), Fully Colored/Shaded: $25 USD
  • Character Half-Body (Waist-Up), Fully Colored/Shaded: $40 USD
  • Character Full-Body, Fully Colored/Shaded: $50 USD
  • Add-On: Add $100 USD for full 3D rendering on Portrait or Half-Body ($125 & $140 USD total)
  • Add-On: Add $150 USD for full 3D rendering on Full-Body ($200 USD total)
  • Add-On: Add $5 USD for a simple background
  • Add-On: Add $25 USD for detailed 3D background
  • Add-On: Add $40 USD for a hand-drawn background
  • Add-On: Add $10 USD for each additional revision after the included 2 revisions
  • Add-On: Add 50% to the price for animals, dragons, monsters, etc.
  • DEAL!: Half-price for any additional characters in a single drawing. Max 3, must all be the same style.

Terms: Full payment must be made at the time you place your order. All character options come with 2 revisions for free. This means that I will do a basic line art for you and you can make additions or changes to the drawing 2 times before the additional revision fee applies. I do this because revisions take time from other projects I could work on. When you buy directly from me, you can cancel your commission anytime before I start the rendering (coloring, etc.), so my goal is to make sure you are happy and get exactly what you want! Simple backgrounds will be a textured gradient or something similar, as appropriate for what the picture is. Detailed backgrounds will be rendered in SketchUp or Unity (whichever fits best), with backgrounds that I have modeled or purchased for this purpose. The hand-drawn background is a more expensive add-on because it takes significantly more time.

All commissions will have my signature, but you can do whatever you want with it once everything is finalized. You can even use them for commercial purposes (like putting it on your website or selling shirts/prints), but my signature must remain visible. All I ask is that my art is not misrepresented as someone else’s! Thank you!

Note: You can purchase directly from me using PayPal or you can purchase through Fiverr (link coming soon) if you prefer to use Fiverr’s platform. Prices are about 20% higher on Fiverr due to the steep 20% cut they take from every order, as well as the 14-day waiting period before they’ll pay out (although Fiverr orders will be completed quicker as a trade-off). PayPal orders can be made through any of the points of contact below, and I will send you a detailed PayPal invoice.

Contact Me!

Interested in my stories? Want to hire me for art or development? Let me know! You can contact me in any (or all) of these ways:

 Email: jes@jesacondrey.com