If you’re looking for short stories, you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find a variety of short stories that take place in Camriiole, the setting for The Child of Time & Light. Their purpose is primarily to give you different perspectives of the world that may or may not be fully explained in the books, but occasionally I like to just throw a bit of lore together that may otherwise never reach my readers.

Choose a story below. I have them listed in chronological order, with the year (GY – Gods Year) shown.


The Child of Light & Time takes place, 3546 GY

The Shadow: 3539 GY – Meet Kyr.

The Visitor: 3538 GY – Meet Adahmri & Koragi.

Vow: 3531 GY – Dragons meet with a goddess.

Fires of War: 3356 GY – A young elf flees from human raiders.

The Well: 3354 GY – Young Adahmri.

The Nest: 2935 GY – Meet Toport.