If you’re looking for short stories, you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find a variety of short stories that take place in The Dragonbond Chronicles. Their purpose is primarily to give you different perspectives of the world that may or may not have been fully explained in the book, but occasionally I like to just throw a bit of lore together that may otherwise never reach my readers.

Choose a story below. I have them listed in chronological order, with the year (G.Y. – Gods Year) shown.


-Dragonsoul (Book 2) takes place in 3551 G.Y.-

Tradition: 3551 G.Y. – Meet Finora Kaiyta, from Dragonsoul.

Dragonbond (Book 1) takes place 3546 G.Y.

The Shadow: 3539 G.Y. – Meet Kyr, from Dragonbond.

The Visitor: 3538 G.Y. – Meet Adahmri & Koragi, from Dragonbond.

Vow: 3531 G.Y. – Dragons meet with a goddess.

Fires of War: 3356 G.Y. – A young elf flees from human raiders.

The Well: 3354 G.Y. – Young Adahmri, from Dragonbond.

The Nest: 2935 G.Y. – Meet Toport, from Dragonbond.